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Vessel Conversion and Repair

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Credit: Beier Inegrated Systems need a stable, well positioned vessel to provide equipment, support, maintenance and supplies to the offshore struc- tures.”

All that said; any type of offshore operation that needs precision maneuvering and stable positioning will bene? t from DP. For example, GE’s DP system was recently cho- sen by Shanghai Salvage Bureau for its deep-water dive support vessel (DSV). Separately, dive vessels, ? shing ves- sels, cruise ships, heavy lift vessels, autonomous vessels and military vessels are just a few examples of vessels that bene? t from DP. As DP technology evolves, sensor tech- nology is allowing DP systems the capability to do things they couldn’t, just 10 short years ago. Todd adds, “As this technology continues to develop, it will open new oppor- tunities for DP in other market sectors.”

As DP systems evolve further, more ef? cient operations via simpler operator interfaces will produce ‘greener’ oper- ating modes that help reduce fuel consumption and emis- sions. After all, anything that contributes to reducing any vessel’s carbon footprint is becoming increasing impor- tant. Providing a glimpse of what comes next, GE’s John- son predicts, “There is a growing demand for more and eventually fully autonomous vessels. DP systems provide a more precise way to control a vessel’s systems, whereas the guiding inputs to the DP may come for advanced AI systems rather than operators.” No one will be surprised if he is right.

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