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Vessel Conversion and Repair

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DeVilbiss Chao Pyne Andersen & Stevenson Bramson than 20 years of experience working in President and CEO of Alaska Tanker Head of Cyber Security. A recognized the transportation and logistics indus- Corp.; and Joseph Pyne, Chairman of leader with a strong track record of try, most recently serving as the Direc- the Board of the Kirby Corporation. success in cyber security, Bramson has tor of BCO Sales for Direct Chassis- The award will be presented at the been solving cyber security challenges

Link. A graduate of Georgia Southern 50th annual AOTOS gala at the Sher- for more than 20 years. He is a rec-

University, Wheldon also holds a Mas- aton New York Times Square Hotel, ognized and respected thought leader, ter of Business Administration from New York City, on November 1, 2019. market developer and change expert the University of Phoenix. that brings solid and effective strate-

Coast Guard Presents gies to meet these challenges.

DeVilbiss Joins Glosten Public Service Award to

Mariner Advocate Clark Named Deputy

Glosten announced the hiring of David

Director of the Alabama

DeVilbiss for the Marine Construction Rear Adm. Steven Andersen, the Coast

State Port Authority group as a Senior Marine Consultant. Guard’s Judge Advocate General and

Formerly Vice President of Marine Ca- Chief Counsel, presented Mr. Douglas James K. Lyons, director and chief sualty & Emergency Response at Global Stevenson with a Meritorious Public executive of? cer of the Alabama State

Diving & Salvage, DeVilbiss oversaw Service Award, to honor his outstand- Port Authority has named Richard T. all marine casualty and emergency re- ing contributions to the United States Clark as deputy director for the Port sponse operations throughout all op- Coast Guard and to all the mariners Authority. Clark, with over 30 years of erating regions. DeVilbiss attended Le who make their living at sea. Ander- maritime industry experience, began

Tourneau University (Mechanical En- son presented the award on behalf of his career at Cooper T. Smith in New gineering), the Divers Institute of Tech- Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Orleans before joining Puerto Rico nology (Commercial Diver), and Lloyds Karl Schultz in conjunction with the Marine Management. He leaves his

Maritime Academy (Salvage Law and Seamen’s Church 42nd Annual Silver position having most recently served

Practice). He has authored and co-au- Bell Forum. As the Director, Center as interim chief operating of? cer GT thored several published papers includ- for Seafarers’ Rights at the Seamen’s USA Wilmington and U.S. manager ing submissions to Chalmers University Church Institute (SCI) from 1990 to of operations at GT USA, LLC. He and the American Petroleum Institute. 2019, Stevenson was at the forefront of is a business management graduate of the ? ght to protect seafarers’ rights. He Trinity Southern University. labored tirelessly to ensure the safety

DOT Secretary Chao to and well-being of all mariners and he

Receive AOTOS Award Sea Machines Expands

Sales Force

The United Seamen’s Service has an- was instrumental in the creation of the nounced that U.S. Secretary of Trans- Maritime Labor Convention of 2006, Sea Machines Robotics has hired portation, The Honorable Elaine L. an important international agreement Frank Relou to lead its European sales

Chao, will receive the 2019 Admiral that established regulations to protect efforts. In his new role as European of the Ocean Sea Award based on her seafarers around the world. business development manager, Relou career-long commitment to the mari- will lead the transformation of Eu-

ABS Appoints Global Head time industry. The other, previously rope’s commercial ? eets with technol- of Cyber Security announced recipients are James Giv- ogy that empowers operators with en- en, President of the Seafarers Interna- ABS has appointed well-known cy- hanced on-water productivity and job tional Union of Canada; Anil Mathur, ber expert Ian Bramson as its Global predictability. He also will support the

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