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Vessel Conversion and Repair

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Successful USN Tests on

Cox Powertrain’s CXO300

Diesel Outboards

Cox Powertrain, the British developer and manufacturer of high-powered diesel outboards, is reporting the suc- cessful completion of the ? rst round

Trelleborg’s DynaMoor Improves of in-? eld outboard validation tests

Safety, Reduces Mooring Costs by the US Navy. Following the trial Trelleborg’s marine and infrastruc- of two CXO300s aboard a 9m RIB, ture operation has launched Dy- when the engines achieved a cruise naMoor, a safety focused dynamic speed of 43 knots at 3,600 rpm, Naval mooring solution that actively main-

Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) tains constant tension in mooring testers expressed great enthusiasm and lines to dampen vessel movements, excitement about their performance. eliminating the effect that passing ships and long-period waves have on moored vessels. This means Dy- naMoor can increase port and termi- nal throughput by allowing opera- tions to continue in a wider range of conditions, while improving safety and reducing operational costs. marine-and-infrastructure

Reygar Enables Cost-Effec- tive Vessel Monitoring

Vessel operators working in the At- lantic towage and CTV markets are taking advantage of new, cost-effec- tive technologies, allowing a digi- tal approach to workboat and ? eet

Nidec ASI Batteries Launched monitoring. Reygar, the ? rm behind for Zero-Emission Vessels the innovative advanced remote

Hanseaticsoft’s Mobile App for

Nidec ASI’s ? rst Nidec-brand bat- monitoring platform, BareFLEET,

Vessel Management ‘on the go’ tery system designed for large and is seeing growing demand from US

Hanseaticsoft has launched a new medium-sized propulsion systems operators. The cost-effective plat- app as an addition to its Cloud Fleet feature over 600 MWh of battery forms, integrated into existing vessel

Manager (CFM Go) to make it eas- energy storage solutions (BESS). systems has removed the barrier for ier and faster for customers to access

For the global marine sector, Ni- workboats looking to leverage the data about their ? eet from mobile dec ASI’s new customized electric bene? ts of advanced monitoring. phones. Using CFM Go, customers on-board power generation systems have all information from the Cloud completes its range of on-board en-

Fleet Manager Portal at their ? n- ergy storage products. Nidec’s inno- gertips including crew changes, off vative batteries feature the “Single hires, disturbances, claims, bunkers

Large String”, a large module, sim- and more. All information can be pler to set up and better suited to managed and accessed in real time. large battery packs. 57 MN

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