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Vessel Conversion and Repair

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ASSISTANT STOREKEEPER that the service member is expected to Directives. Follows procurement, re-

Military Sealift Command be discharged or released from active ceipt, storage, Quality Assurance (QA)

Salary: $33,295 Per Annum Full Time duty service under honorable condi- and expenditure procedures for all tions not later than 120 days after the types of material. This includes proper

Description: date the certi? cation is submitted. material identi? cation, handling, in-

Announcement #: 19-852-02EXOC Duties: The Assistant Storekeeper is ventory management, warehousing,

Title, Series, Grade (Code) Assistant a Civil Service Mariner (CIVMAR) packaging, and transportation.

Storekeeper, WM 9994-15 (852) Base employed by the Navy to serve the Procures all shipboard requirements

Salary: $33,295 Per Annum Type of Military Sealift Command (MSC) using Government/Commercial

Appointment: Excepted Service Ca- onboard naval auxiliaries and hybrid- sources. Assists with con? guration reer-Conditional Opening Date: Feb- manned warships worldwide, in peace validations; processes and updates Al- ruary 11, 2019 Closing Date Open and war. MSC exists to support the lowance Change Requests (ACRs),

Continuously With Periodic Cutoffs joint war? ghter across the full spec- Fleet COSAL Feedback Reports

Location: Military Sealift Command trum of military operations. MSC (FCFBRs) and Con? guration Change (MSC) Vessels Worldwide Who May provides on-time logistics, strategic Reports (CCRs) as directed. Assists

Apply: All United States citizens and sealift, as well as specialized missions with handling of Hazardous Material current Military Sealift Command anywhere in the world, in contested (HAZMAT) as directed. Also assists

Civil Service Mariner (CIVMAR) or uncontested environments. in the Supply Department require- eligible to apply under the Veter- The Assistant Storekeeper is responsi- ment of monthly Financial Improve- ans Employment Opportunities Act ble to the Supply Of? cer/Junior Supply ment and Audit Readiness (FIAR) (VEOA). Active Duty Service Mem- Of? cer for performing Supply Depart- inventories and their submission to bers (ADSMs) must submit a certi- ment functions assigned in accordance Global Stock Control(GSC). Assists ? cation (i.e., statement of service) at with COMSCINST 3120 and 4000.2 in the proper use of Supply automat- the time of application which certi? es series directives and Program Speci? c ed programs.


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