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WORKBOATS respectively. The newbuilds are sisters to the 2006- and 2007-built Mikiona-class vessels, designed in-house by

Sause Bros.’ SOMAR shipyard for long-distance ocean towing. Babcock said Sause’s long-running success with

Mikiona and Cochise led the company to order the next set of 128- by 35- by 18-foot sister tugs, which are de- signed to maximize fuel ef? ciency and crew comfort.

“The hull was designed to be fuel ef? cient at a speci? c towing speed, basically 9.5 knots,” Babcock said, adding that the tugs’ modest fuel capacity of roughly 126,000 gal- lons allows for a more streamlined shape.

For onboard comfort, the pilothouse and crew quarters have been placed as close to midship as possible to give the

Karl Senner, LLC crew a better ride, Babcock said. “Many times, our ves-

Karl Senner, LLC equipped each of the new tugs with two REINTJES WAF 873 sels end up slowing down because the crew can’t take it, reverse reduction gearboxes, each with 7.454:1 single-stage reduction, AMOT temperature control valves, internal hydraulic multi-disc clutches, and shaf not because the boat can’t take it. A nicer ride will mean brakes. “60% of the current Sause Bros. f eet is made up of vessels equipped crews can tolerate a little more speed and it also provides with REINTJES reduction gears, all purchased and serviced through Karl an easier sleep to help alleviate fatigue.”

Senner, Inc.,” Babcock said.

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