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WORKBOATS “One core strength across our team is the ability to multitask, maintain ? exibility and work well with each other across departments.” – Joe Starck, President,

The Great Lakes Group • A cooperative working agreement has been in place with about every business in every business sector. Fortunately, the Cleveland Municipal School District’s Max S. Hayes High Great Lakes has been able to persevere. Starck said that

School for over 20 years. The Company has helped develop a commercial repair work was slow, likely attributable to the program for students to obtain shipyard related training at the pandemic. On the other hand, he said there has been a school, and practical on-the-job experience in the shipyard. steady ? ow of government repair work, which is expected

With the opening of the Max S. Hayes’ new school building to last through the winter.

in 2016, the Company has helped to out? t state-of-the-art Starck and GLT remain optimistic. As noted, the sixth Da- labs with modern equipment to train students in welding and men 1907 tug is under construction. Plus, their crystal ball diesel engine mechanics – skills much needed in the Tugboat hints at several commercial vessels due for drydocking and and Shipyard industries. repair in 2021. And, possibly, even more: “A number of po- • At Polaris Career Center, the Adult Education Welding tential projects are in the pipeline,” Starck notes with antici-

Program serves as a great feeder program for certi? ed welders. pation, “work involving both new construction and repair.”

GLT’s Shipyard Executive team volunteers to help structure In addition, industry investment by companies all across the the welding curriculum and write course material. Great Lakes Region is at a level not seen since the 1980s.

There are other future-focused plans. One important ex- 2020’S UNIQUE CHALLENGES ample: in late 2017, GLT joined Green Marine, an interna-

It’s a sad and obvious understatement to note that 2020 tional, business based maritime environmental group. Green seemed to present endless and unique challenges for just Marine has a North American based certi? cation program.

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