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Tech ‘Breakthrough’ Enables Real-time

Vessel Surveillance on the Paraná our push boats operated by available from Fleet Xpress has proved ? shing, Chuck Moseley, said, “The

Impala Paraguay on the Paraná necessary to support internet protocol choice of Fleet Xpress represented an

River have been equipped with (IP) camera surveillance to ensure the inland breakthrough for the hybrid

Inmarsat’s Fleet Xpress connec- safety of crew and the cargo trans- combination of high-speed Ka-band

F tivity. According to the mobile satel- ported by Impala. As part of a three- plus continuous back-up over Fleet- lite communications provider, this year Fleet Xpress contract, each push Broadband’s L-band.

marks a breakthrough for maritime boat is installed with 20 IP cameras “Fleet Xpress is already powering the broadband inland along one of South connected via onboard antennas, en- maritime data revolution, but recent

America’s longest waterways. abling continuous monitoring from months have also seen ship owners ac-

The prime mover vessels are used Impala Paraguay of? ces. celerate uptake of video-based applica- by Impala Paraguay to steer its ? eet of “We are invested in providing the tions to enhance collaborative work- 30 double-hulled barges along the wa- best service possible to our clients and ing, security, telemedicine and crew terway system to move gasoil, jet fuel, ensuring that we have state-of-the-art connectivity,” Moseley continued.

gasoline and naphtha products from technology supporting every aspect of “The Paraná River is an artery for

Argentina onward to Paraguay and our operations,” an Impala Paraguay economic development, carrying

Bolivia. The same network enables soy spokesperson said. “We believe using around 80% of Paraguay’s trade. This bean oil in the other direction from IP surveillance in our pushers sends a order demonstrates that guaranteed

Paraguay to Argentina. Long sections clear message to our clients that we will global bandwidth via Fleet Xpress of the transit take place outside the take all measures necessary to ensure brings comparable gains inland to reach of 4G or GSM cellular networks. that our operations are done in an ef? - those already being achieved at sea.

Impala Paraguay’s pushers are ? t- cient, reliable and responsible manner.” Committed data rates backed-up by ted with modern navigation and night Following installation works un- service level agreements also guaran- operation equipment, and its barges dertaken in Asunción, Paraguay, In- tee that Fleet Xpress customers always are equipped with alarm systems to marsat’s sales director for offshore and gets what they pay for.” alert crew members when the barge is 95% and 98% full in order to prevent over? ow and subsequent spillage. GPS monitoring systems report the exact

Real time video surveillance via Fleet Xpress is keeping cargoes and crews secure along the

Paraná River, the artery for economic development that carries around 80% of Paraguay’s trade.

position of each barge and the quantity

Inmarsat of product in its hull at any time of day.

To date, continuous push boat con- nectivity has been sustained using

Inmarsat’s FleetBroadband service, which the company said guarantees connectivity for the modern navi- 3030 E. Pershing St.

gation systems and night operation

Appleton, WI 54911 USA equipment, as well as the load sensors and GPS position monitoring installed on barges. On average, each push boat consumes around 500 gigabytes (GB)

Phone: (920) 738-5432 of data per month for vessel manage- ment and crew connectivity.

Fax: (920) 738-5435

However, the unlimited bandwidth 53 MN

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