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FleetManager 4.0

C-MAP calls FleetManager 4.0 its “most impressive web-based ? eet management solution to date”. A decade from the launch of the ? rst

LogCentral ever FleetManager, this new version

OneOcean’s LogCentral is a digital incorporates an all-new, lightning- tool with an intuitive, clearly laid- fast interface, full integration of Mi- out user interface that aims to make Norton Vortex File Belts crosoft Power BI, universal browser recording, managing and distribut- Saint-Gobain Abrasives introduced compatibility and new weather data ing vessel logbook data easy for on- its new Norton Vortex Rapid Prep overlays. All this along with the ex- board personnel. Accommodating Non-Woven File Belts, which offer isting powerful ? eet tracking, report- all daily operational information users an easier way to obtain su- ing, and analysis features on which including waste disposal, sludge perior ? nishes when working with shoreside managers trust and depend. generation and ballast operations, tight, intricate and complex parts. A as well as enabling all air and water unique high-performance ceramic emissions to be precisely recorded. blend of grain cuts like a coarser grit

This facilitates and proves compli- size and delivers faster cuts, while ance with MARPOL regulations producing ? nishes similar to a ? ner for pollution prevention and con- grit abrasive on a wide range of met- trol. LogCentral also adheres to the als. The proprietary Norton Clean

IMO’s Marine Environment Protec- Bond resin system ensures a smear- tion Committee (MEPC) standards free, crisp-clean ? nish, improving which recently came into force. productivity and reducing cost.


Digital Tank Gauge

Stronghold by PSG launched an all-in-

PSM describes its new digital tank one tool tether kits for use by workers gauging system (DTGS) as a fully at height, available covering more than integrated package of instrumenta- 15 different common industry trades. tion providing a comprehensive,

The kits feature tethers that connect simple to install and scalable tank tools to wrists, belts and other anchors, gauging solution for small vessels of Monitor Display Arm to eliminate drop hazards. Coils, bun- all classes, consisting of APT1000 Southco’s AV D32 Dynamic Mount- gees and swiveling tethers that prevent

Level Transmitters, RFM Connec- ing Arm (C Series) is a horizontally tangles while handling tools while tion Modules and a VPM 4300 mounted display positioning solu- working, no matter which tool attach-

Display Panel. The central VPM tion that allows for vertical adjust- ment is used, are featured in the kits. display communicates to all con- ment of screens and monitors in ap-

Other kit items include drill boots, nected APT1000 level transmit- plications too constrained for larger tape measure sleeves, webbing with ters to obtain accurate real-time height adjustable arms. The C Series

D-rings, tether cinch loops, vibrant data and processes this to provide a allows a monitor to be easily tilted orange tool tether attachment tape, comprehensive display of the status and rotated, swivels at the base of antivibration tool tether shackles, wire of all tanks. Multiple displays can the assembly and can be lowered 60 core swivel screw gates, synching wrist be added, and the status informa- degrees from the fully extended posi- straps and PPE caddy glove holders.

tion can be serially communicated tion for optimal display viewing. The to other onboard systems, loading AV C Series features high weight ca- computers or alarm monitoring sys- pability, supporting heavy monitors tems, the manufacturer says. of up to 28 pounds and accommo- dating a wide range of display sizes. 73 MN

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