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FIRST OFFICER management and adherence to budget Responsible for the proper planning,

Military Sealift Command guidelines by deck department em- loading, stowage and discharge of

Salary: $81,241, Full Time, ployees. Has a thorough knowledge of cargo and maintenance of the ship in

Government Employee the CMPI and DHAMS. Serves as the a safe and stable condition. Prior to

Category: ships’ safety of? cer, training of? cer, sailing, inspects the ship to ascertain

Shipboard Of? cer / Personnel / Crew damage control of? cer, vessel security there are no structural defects and that

Job Location: 6353 Center Drive of? cer, oil spill coordinator and (may hatches, side ports, cargo gear, cargo building 8, Suite 202 Norfolk, VA, be) gas free engineer. On ships with- and equipment are secured properly. 23502 USA out a Master, the OIC/Chief Mate is Using Ship Automated Maintenance

Contact: the Of? cer in Charge (OIC) of the Management (SAMM) prepares and

Email: entire CIVMAR contingent onboard submits deck department repair list.

Work Phone : 866-562-7672. regardless the disparity between for- Submits a list of Voyage Repair Re- mal pay rate designators. quests (VRR’s) to the Chief Engineer

Description: for maintenance and repair of deck

The First Of? cer is a Civil Service As second in command of the ship, related items that are beyond the ca-

Mariner (CIVMAR) employed by is directly accountable to the Master pabilities of ship’s force and require the Navy to serve the Military Sea- for all matters pertaining to man- outside industrial assistance. lift Command (MSC) onboard na- agement, operation, care, safety, and val auxiliaries and hybrid-manned physical condition of deck depart- Ensures equitable distribution of over- warships worldwide, in peace and ment operations and keeps the Master time; ensures subordinates maintain war. MSC exists to support the joint informed in those areas. Keeps abreast proper hygiene, grooming and uni- war? ghter across the full spectrum of of all ship’s business matters and acts form standards; exercises disciplinary military operations. MSC provides on behalf of the Master when he/she control over subordinates and initiates on-time logistics, strategic sealift, as is not available. Maintains a func- disciplinary actions IAW CMPI 750; well as specialized missions anywhere tional understanding of ship’s mis- recognizes and rewards subordinates’ in the world, in contested or uncon- sion, operations, command relation- work-accomplishments and achieve- tested environments. ships, and operational reports. Acts ments using the awards program; as a Command Duty of? cer (CDO) conducts career counseling, arranges

As the Deck Department Head, the in charge of the Shipboard Reaction training, monitors personnel career

First Of? cer is responsible for the Force (SRF) and ? re parties on ships progressions, and encourages upgrad- safe, effective, and ef? cient manage- so organized. Performs emergency du- ing of licenses and documents; and ment and supervision of deck depart- ties as assigned by the Master and re- prepares MAP/Promotion Evaluation ment employees. Ensures sound ? scal ? ected on the Station Bill. Reports as required.


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