Literature Describes Matched Systems Of Navigational Aids

Tideland Signal Corporation of Houston, Texas, reports outstanding r e s u l t s with systems of marine signal lanterns, fog signals and solar power s t a t i o ns "matched" as to power supply and demand.

These matched systems are designed for specific geographical locations, taking into account available sunlight exposure and the detrimental factors of environment.

After six years of on-site testing, Tideland reports exceptional r e l i a b i l i t y of these systems.

The expected service life of Tideland matched systems is over 10 years, unattended with only o c c a s i o n a l m a i n t e n a n c e . This means substantial savings in manhours and parts replacement.

Offshore drilling rigs and production platforms are primary points of application. Matched systems would also find use in remote coastal areas where no power lines are available.

Key to the system is the array of Tideland SolaViva® solar energy modules, each with 16 silicon cells encapsulated in tough, virtually weatherproof special 255 borosilicate crown glass—a Tideland exclusive. This glass "package" assures the ultimate in protection against moisture and the environment for the cells.

As light strikes the module, electrons are displaced from the cells and a charge flows to a bank of special charge-retaining storage batteries of a very slow selfdischarging type. Note: solar arrays are high internal impedence current generators, not voltage devices. A 16-cell module will deliver about the same current to a six-volt battery as it would to a two-volt cell.

Tideland matched systems are sized and balanced, power to load, by computer analysis using a 10-year period of weather experience.

A 20-percent safety factor is added to the design of the system for increased reliability.

Sunswitches automatically turn off the lanterns in daylight. A matched system like this can give years of service.

For a complete description of matched systems, write to S.N.

Sprunt, Tideland Signal Corporation, P.O. Box 52430, 4310 Director's Row, Houston, Texas 77052.

Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 11,  Mar 1978

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