Gastech 78 To Focus On World Supply And Demand For LNG And LPG

Largest Ever Gastech Exhibition Will Feature New Technologies In Gas Carrier Design And Offshore Terminals —Speakers Include Middle East Producers And U.S. Importers More than 1,000 delegates are now expected to attend Gastech 78 in Monaco on November 7-10, 1978. The high level of conference registrations reflects the worldwide interest in the immediate and long-term future of the LNG and LPG trades and their effect on gas carrier developments.

The conference will open with a keynote statement from OPEC on a pricing policy for LPG—a vital sector of the energy market, which will be discussed in depth on the second day when a panel of producers from Algeria, Iran, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela will be followed by the views of the leading gas marketers, including Sam Segnar, president of Northern Natural Gas, USA; Howard P. Dutemple, president of Mundogas, Bermuda; Shiu Aoki, managing director of Ocean Chartering, Tokyo; Mark Anton, president, Suburban Propane Gas Corporation, New Jersey, and John Emerson of Chase Manhattan Bank, New York.

On the first day, Rene Boudet, president of Gazocean, Paris, will chair Session 1 on World Gas Supply and Demand, the latter being greatly dependent upon U.S. LNG trade potential, which is the subject of a presentation by Philip J.

Anderson of the Institute of Gas Technology, Chicago. A detailed study of the global baseload LNG trade up to 1980 by Edward Faridany will accurately report the position at the time of the conference.

Demand for new ship capacity could be heavy, depending upon the maturing of several ambitious projects, ranging from Australia's Northwest Shelf to the Canadian Arctic Pilot Scheme, and these will be the subjects of individual papers.

A major paper from the U.S.

Coast Guard will investigate the impact of both the IMCO and USCG regulations on U.S. and foreign-flag vessels, particularly in the area of containment system concept approval and the Letter of Compliance program.

As the conference progresses, the focus will move on to plenary and workshop sessions, comprising 19 presentations on new technologies, safety procedures, and offshore developments. These include shipboard containment systems, and offshore fields, including a comprehensive evaluation of floating LNG terminals by Ted Hillberg of Fairchild Stratos, California.

With the hindsight of four days of discussion, the conference will go into its final session looking to the future, with contributions from an international panel of liquefied gas specialists, including J.J. Cuneo of Energy Transportation, P. Bates, Shell Natural Gas Co-ordination, and P & O's Pat Mitchell. The session will be chaired by Alexis Pastuhov.

Largest-Ever Exhibition Some 114 companies are participating in the Gastech 78 Exhibition, making it the largest display of marine-related LNG/LPG technology ever assembled. Prominent among the exhibits are 23 shipyards taking part from Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Norway, U.K., West Germany, Spain, Japan, and France. The expertise of these gas tanker constructors will be complemented by 13 stands of containment and insulation methods, together with the various displays of shipboard systems for navigation, tank gauging, inert gas generation, mooring, cargo custody and transfer, and safety appliances.

The LNG terminals require vast plant costing millions of dollars, and the know-how of large international contractors such as Pullman Kellogg, Technip, Snamprogetti will be featured in the exhibition.

Many companies will be exhibiting for the first time and many new products will be unveiled.

CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS Tuesday, November 7,1978 Official Opening Remarks, S.E.M.

Andre Saint-Mleux, Minister of State, Principality of Monaco.

Session 1, "World Gas Supplies"— Chairman: Rene Boudet, president, Gazocean, Paris.

1. "A Pricing Policy for OPEC LNG," A. Ferroukhi, head, International Economics Unit, Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Vienna.

2. "The International Baseload LNG Trade: 1978-90," E.K. Faridany, Ocean Phoenix Transport BV, London.

3A. "US LNG Import Policy," William R. Connole, Connole & O'Connell, Washington, D.C.

3B. "US LNG Trade Potential— 1978," Philip J. Anderson, Edward J. Daniels, Institute of Gas Technology, Chicago.

4. "Canadian LNG Activities"— Panel Session, Discussion Papers.

4A. "Arctic Pilot Project," D.M.

Wolcott, vice president, Petro- Canada, Calgary, Alberta.

4B. "Arctic Petro-Carriers Project," Michael H. Bell, president, Melville Shipping, Montreal, Quebec.

4C. "Arctic LNG Production and Transportation: How can the Canadian Shipbuilding Industry Respond?" W.H. White, senior vice president, Davie Shipbuilding Ltd., Levis, Quebec.

5. "Export LNG From Australia's Northwest Shelf," R.J.

Foster, The Broken Hill Pty Co., Oil & Gas Division, Melbourne, Australia.

6. "Natural Gas Industry In Indonesia," Ir. B. Bramono, head of Gas Marketing, Pertamin, Jakarta, Indonesia; Ir. R.A. Hutapea, Ministry of Mining and Energy, Jakarta.

Wednesday, November 8, 1978 Session 2, "LP Gas" 1. LP Gas Producers' Panel— Chairman: Michael D. Tusiani, vice president, Poten & Partners, New York. Panelists: M. Belguedj, Director Gas Exports, Sonatrach, Algiers, Algeria; Ebrahim Nooh Al-Mutawa, Head of. Sales, Marketing and Transportation, Qatar General Petroleum Company, Doha, Qatar; Sohrab Boushehri, Marketing Manager, Kharg Chemical Company, Tehran, Iran; Gustavo Nieto, LPG and Specialities Manager, Lagoven, Caracas, Venezuela.

2. LP Gas Marketers' Panel— Chairman: Sam F. Segnar, president and chief operating officer, Northern Natural Gas Co., Omaha, Neb.; Panelists: Howard P. Dutemple, president, Mundogas SA, Bermuda; Mark J. Anton, president and chief executive officer, Suburban Propane Gas Corporation, New Jersey; John D.

Emerson, vice president, Corporate Banking, Chase Manhattan Bank, New York; and Shiu Aoki, Ocean Chartering Ltd., Japan.

Session 2A—Liquefied Gas Workshop.

1. "LNG Thermophysical Properties Data and Custody Transfer," D.E. Diller, Institute for Basic Standards, National Bureau of Standards, Boulder, Colo.

2. "An LNG Cargo System Simulator for Crew Training," R.L. Blanchard, Arthur E. Sherburn, John L. Middleton, Foxboro/ Trans-Sonics Inc., Burlington, Mass.

3. "LNG Water Vapour Explosion— Estimate of Yields and Pressures," F. Briscoe, G.J.

Vaughan, United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, Culcheth, Warrington, U.K.

4. "Experience with LNG Vap o r i s e r s , " M. Herve, L'Air Liquide, Champigny-sur-Marne, France.

5. "Offshore Loading Systems," W.A. Gill, M. Karpa, W. Van Hoof, FMC Europe SA, Sens, France.

Thursday, November 9, 1978 Session 3, "Transportation Technology" — Chairman: Roger C.

Ffooks, consultant naval architect, London.

1. "Ship Safety Considerations in the Design and Testing of a non-metallic secondary barrier," J.L. Waisman, McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Co., Huntington Beach, Calif.; A. Gilles, president, Gaz-Transport, Paris.

2. "Internal Insulation System 'METASTANO-20' for the Storage and Transportation of Liquefied Gases," Dr. Manuel Domin- guez, ASTANO (Astilleros Y Talleres del Noroeste SA), Madrid.

3. "The General Electric-Technigaz Mark III Containment System," J. Roni, manager, Cryogenic Projects, General Electric Company, Thermal Systems Programs, Tacoma, Wash.; J. Chauvin, head of Research and Development, Technigaz, Maurepas, France.

4. "Pressurised LNG—and the Utilisation of Small Gas Fields," Prof. E. Fluggen, Dr. Ing. H.

Backhaus, LGA Gastechnik GmbH, Remagen-Rolandseck, West Germany.

5. "French Gas Shipbuilding— Present and Future Prospects"— Panel Session. Panelists: V. Audren, Constructions Navales et Industrielles de la Mediterranee; J. Lefol, Chantiers de France- Dunkerque; J.P. Christophe, Chantiers de la Ciotat; R. Regard, Chantiers de l'Atlantique.

Discussion Papers 5A. "A Brief Review of LNG Carrier Construction as seen by the La Seyne Shipyard," V. Audren, Directeur General Adjoint, Constructions Navales et Industrielles de la Mediterranee.

5B. "Chantiers Navals de La Ciotat and the LPG and Ammonia Carriers," J.P. Christophe, Directeur, Chantiers Navals de La Ciotat.

5C. "Construction of Gas Carriers by the France-Dunkerque Shipyard," J. Lefol, Directeur General, Chantiers de France- Dunkerque.

6. "Series Production of Liquefied Natural Gas Carriers," P.

Takis Veliotis, president, Quincy Shipbuilding Division, General Dynamics Corporation, Quincy, Mass.

Session 4, "Safety Considerations" — Chairman: Robert J.

Lakey, Ringdal Marine Consultants, (Helge Ringdal Inc.), Houston, Texas.

1. "USCG Concept Approval and LOC: IMCO-related Procedural Changes," P.J. Pluta, R.G.

Williams, Merchant Marine Technical Division, U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters, U.S. Department of Transportation, Washington, D.C.

2. "A Gas Shipping Safety Programme," E.A. Destremps, Essochem, Belgium, European Regional Distribution, Brussels.

3. "LNG Safety: Facts and Fiction," S.E. Handman, chief engineer, Pullman Kellogg Division of Pullman Inc., Houston, Texas.

4. "Construction Techniques for LNG Storage," J. Mauger, Gaz de France, Paris.

5. "Evaluation of Offshore LNG Terminals," E.T. Hillberg, Fairchild Stratos Division, Manhattan Beach, Calif.

6. "Safety and Reliability of Marine Gas Liquefaction and Storage Units," Dr. Ing. H.R.

Hansen, Det norske Veritas, Oslo, Norway.

Session 5, "Offshore Gas Recovery"— Chairman: M.C. (Bill) Terry, Energy & Ecology Systems International, Palos Verdes Estates, Calif.

1. "Problems Associated with Transfer of LNG from Offshore Terminals to LNG Carriers," E.M.

Roger-Smith, H. Cawte, E. Jones, David Brown-Vosper (Offshore) Ltd., Portchester, Hants, U.K.

2. "Offshore LNG Systems- Design Criteria, Test Results," E.

Berner, Offshore LNG Systems, Blohm & Voss AG, Hamburg.

3. "Loading and Unloading LNG Carriers via an Offshore Terminal and Submarine Cryogenic Pipelines," Dr. Van Tuyen Nguyen, J.

Pigeyre, Omnium Technique des Transports par Pipelines, Puteaux, France; J. Jourdan, Single Buoy Moorings, Monaco.

Session 6, "Future Developments" 1. "The Future of LNG Shipping," P.R. Mitchell, director, P & O Shipping Ltd., London.

2. "Future Developments in LNG Transportation"—Panel Session.

Chairman: A. Pastuhov, Harvard, Mass. Panelists: P.

Bates, Natural Gas Co-ordination, Shell International Gas, London; J.J. Cuneo, Energy Transportation Corp., New York; G. Massac, Gazocean, Paris; K. Graham, Pacific Indonesia, Los Angeles.

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