Four 600-HP Pusher Tugs Completed By Valmet

The Pansio Shipyard of Valmet Shipbuilding, Finland, r e c e n t ly delivered four 440-kw (600-hp) pusher tugs which are intended to serve the two barge-carrying vessels M 'S Yulius Fuchik and M/S Tibor Szamuely in their Interlighter- trade between the Danube and destinations in Southeastern Asia.

The tugs represent a new type of vessel built in Finland and, although intended to serve along with the mother ships, they are suitable equipment for any port requiring handling capacity for barges.

The pusher is fitted with two 220-kw (300-hp) diesel-powered rudder propellers, giving the best possible maneuverability for the tug/barge combination. In pushing two DM-type barges of 1,070 dwt, a speed of 5 knots can be achieved.

The vessel is also fitted with a telescopic wheelhouse which is a m o d i f i c a t i o n of Valmet's own standard-type truck lifting mast and tractor cabin. The electricity is generated by a Valmet 310 DGK unit with an output of 18 kw.

Along with the departure of inthe M/S Tibor Szamuely, the rest of the 54 DM-type barges built at the Pansio Shipyard for the I n t e r l i g h t e r - s e r v i c e have also been delivered. These barges, representing a half-module of the Europa II-type, have a deadweight of 1,070 tons each.

Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 6,  Feb 1980

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