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New Raytheon SSB Is

Microprocessor Controlled —Literature Available

Raytheon Marine Company is offering free literature describing its newly introduced 150-watt mi- croprocessor-controlled SSB radio- telephone for commercial vessels of all types. Raytheon's RAY-1285

SSB Marine Radiotelephone is preprogrammed for all of the 192

ITU channels, and provides mem- ory capability for 44 user-pro- grammed channels or frequencies.

The user-oriented RAY-1285 transceiver provides digital-dis- play monitoring and keyboard channel/frequency and mode selec- tion. LCD readout on a backlit panel shows channel/frequency se- lected and operating condition. The unit's remote antenna-coupler pro- vides fully automatic tuning. Last station used is automatically called up when the unit is turned on.

In addition to ready coverage of worldwide marine-band channels and frequencies, the fully synthe- sized RAY-1285 provides a num- ber of important additional fea- tures. It has a sea-watch automatic scanning mode which allows the operator to monitor up to 10 se- lected channels or frequencies, in-

Raytheon's RAY-1285 SSB Marine Radio- telephone eluding the International Emer- gency Frequency, 2182 kHz. Quick- select of the International Emer- gency Frequency is available with a built-in, two-tone distress alarm.

A unique "force-transmit" control will provide communication even under emergency broken-antenna conditions.

The compact RAY-1285 trans- ceiver operates on 12 Vdc. For op- tional manual tuning, the RAY- 1285 transmits (1.6 to 25.999 MHz) and receives (100 kHz to 30 MHz) in fast or slow steps. Selectable modulation modes available are: standard SSB (AJ3), modified SSB (A3A) and AM compatible (A3H).

Push-button listening to other ves- sel transmissions is available as well as a push-to-talk telephone handset.

The RAY-1285 transceiver is supplied with antenna coupler, mounting hardware, interconnect- ing cables, and complete installa- tion instructions. It meets FCC re- quirements and has passed

Raytheon's tough environmental tests for shock, vibration, temper- ature extremes, and resistance to corrosion and fungus. Manufac- turer's suggested retail price is $5,995.

For free literature containing full details on the new RAY-1285


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Sonat Subsea Services

Appoints Senior VP

Bruce C. Gilman, president of

Sonat Subsea Services, Houston,

Texas, announced recently that

Thomas A. Angel has been ap- pointed senior vice president.

Formerly vice president and general manager of Santa Fe Un- derwater Services, Mr. Angel has more than 20 years' experience in underwater services.

Sonat Subsea Services, a subsid- iary of Sonat Inc., provides high- technology underwater services in support of the offshore energy in- dustry. They have headquarters in

Houston with regional operations bases in Scotland and the Republic of Singapore. S&H Diving, its

Americas-region operating subsid- iary, has support bases in Morgan

City, La., and Galveston and Cor- pus Christi, Texas.

Sonat Inc. is a company engaged in finding and producing oil and natural gas; field services associ- ated with these operations; and transportation of these energy products.

We understand a shipowner's need to care for his equipment investment.

We have invested $50 million in improved facilities to provide that care. < MAIN YARD

Two graving docks: 900' x 150' 550' x 79' 1984 Additions: • Two graving docks-750' x 125' • Two wet berths • Assembly/erection building with two 250 ton bridge cranes and auxiliary cranes

SOUTHWEST FACILITY • 11.0 acres of covered fabricating facility complete with: • NC plasma machine • Plate and shape preparation line • One 700 ton bridge crane • Two 200 ton bridge cranes • One 100 ton bridge crane • Barge loading facility


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