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Offshore Northern Seas (continued from page 19) exploration manager, A/S Norsk

Shell, Stavanger. 2:30 pm—"Synergism—An Inter- disciplinary Approach to Optimiz- ing Hydrocarbon Recovery," by

R.M. Sneider, consultant,

Houston. 3:30 pm—"The Current State of

Development of the Marine 3-D

Seismic Survey Method," by An- drew L. Lucas, manager, geo- physical interpretation, BP Petro- leum Development Ltd., London. 4:00 pm—"Porosity Evolution of

Truncation Traps: Diagenetic

Models and Log Responses," by

R.C. Selley, consultant, R.C. Sel- ley & Co. Ltd., Surrey. 4:30 pm—"Prediction Techniques from Logging Tools: Are the

Results Confirmed by Testing?" by Terje Helgoy, manager of petroleum technology, Statoil,


Wednesday, August 22

Chairman: Ingebret Gausland, chief geophysicist, Statoil, Stav- enger. 9:30 am—"Frigg Field: Production

History and Seismic Response," by

Michel Revoy, manager, Geo- physical Department, Elf Aqui- taine Norge A/S, Stavanger. 10:00 am—"The Use of Palynology in Definition of Troll Reservoir

Geology," by Michael F. Whi- taker, palynologist, A/S Norske

Shell, Stavanger. 10:45 am—"The Valhall Field—A

New Geological Description," by

Martin T. Steinbis, chief geolo- gist, Amoco Norway Oil Company,

Stavanger. 11:30 am—"The Norwegian Con- tinental Shelf—Discoveries and

Related Challenges," by Egil

Bergsager, deputy director, Nor- wegian Petroleum Directorate,

Stavenger. 12 noon—Lunch

Improved Offshore


Chairman: Tor Ivar Pedersen, vice president, exploration & pro- duction, Statoil, Stavanger. 2:00 pm—"Improving Recoveries for Offshore Chalk Reservoirs," by

J. Ford Griggs, manager of res- ervoir engineering, Phillips Petro- leum Company Norway, Stavanger. 2:45 pm—"Improved Recovery from

Thin Oil Sands," by Sverre

Hamre, section head reservoir,

Elf Aquitaine Norge A/S, Stavan- ger; Bjorn Reinholdtsen, reser- voir engineer, A/S Norske Shell,

Stavanger; and Jack J. Zagar

III, staff reservoir engineer, Esso

Expro Norway Inc., Stavanger. 4:00 pm—"Problems of Reservoir

Management in Jurassic North

Sea Reservoirs," by M.G. Bayat, supervising reservoir engineer,

Britoil, Glasgow. 4:40 pm—"Improved Offshore Re- covery—State of the Art," by Den- nis E. Gregg, manager, interna- tional production, Conoco Inc.,


Special Conference:

Subsea Technology—

Extrapolation Or


Thursday, August 23

Chairman: Knut Hagen, technical manager, Norwegian Petroleum

Consultants A/S, Asker. 9:30 am—"Two Fields Case Histo- ries: N.E. Frigg/Skuld," by B. Weil, start-up manager, N.E. Frigg, Elf

Aquitaine Norge A/S, Stavanger; and Marc Freudenreich, Skuld project manager, Elf Aquitaine

Norge A/S, Stavanger. 10:00 am—"Advancement of Sub- sea Technology Through Experi- ence: Tazerka Floating Production

System and Cormorant Underwa- ter Manifold Centre," by G.H.C. van Opstal, section head, under- water technology offshore R&D,

Shell Internationale Petroleum Mij.

B.V., The Hague. 10:50 am—"Production Risers for the Future," by G. van der Graaf, senior project manager, A/S Norske

Shell, Stavanger; Christian Du- mazy, project manager, Elf Aqui- taine (SNEA-P), Paris; and R.L.

Vernier, senior marine engineer,

Conoco Production Engineering

Services, Houston. 11:40 am—"State-of-the-Art for

Subsea Pipeline Connections," by

Robert J. Brown, chairman, R.J

Brown & Associates, Rijswijk,

Netherlands. 12:15 pm—Lunch

Afternoon Session

Chairman: Bjorn Husemoen, di- rector, Kongsberg Engineering,

Oslo. 2:00 pm—"Norwegian Industrial

Involvement: Potentials and Ob- jectives," by Anders M. Liaaen, managing director, A.M. Liaaer A/

S, Alesund. 2:40 pm—"Critical Hardware and

Control Aspects of Subsea Produc- tion Systems," by Tore Andvig, manager, Kongsberg Subsea Sys- tems, A/S Kongsberg Vapenfa- brikk, Kongsberg. 3:45 pm—"Troll Development—The

Technical Challenge," by Donal

A. O'Neill, head, subsea & export studies, A/S Norske Shell,

Stavanger. 4:25 pm—"The Future of Subsea

Production," by Jacques Dela- cour, director, drilling and pro- duction systems, Institute Fran- cais du ' Petrole (IFP), Rueil

Malmaison Cedex.

Special Conference

Hydrocarbon Transport

Systems—Operation And

Future Development

Friday, August 24

Chairman: Magne Reed, vice president, Norwegian Shipowners'

Association, Oslo. 9:30 am—"Development in the

Simulation and Design of Multi- phase Pipeline Systems," by H.L.

Norris III, senior research spe- cialist, Exxon Production Re- search Company, Houston. 10:00 am—"Conventional/Uncon- ventional Transport Methods," by

Fred Weir, exploration & produc- tion manager, Mobil Exploration

Norway, Inc., Stavanger. 10:45 am—"Reliability and Eco- nomics of Pipeline Operations," by

F.J. Alexander, head of engineer- ing, Total Oil Marine- Aberdeen; and Olav Furnes, president, a.s.

Veritec, Oslo. 11:45—"Planning of Start-up and

Operation for the Statpipe Trans- port System," by Egil Sael, gen- eral manager, Statpipe, Statoil,

Haugesund. 12:15 pm—Lunch.


EXHIBITORS LIST (Country Codes): A = Austria, B = Belgium, C =

Canada, D = Denmark, E = England, Fl = Fin land, FR = France, I Italy, Luxembourg

N = Norway, NE= Netherlands, SW = Sweden

SZ = Switzerland, US = United States, WG =

West Germany.

A E I Cables Ltd. (E)

A-H Skips og Industriservice A/S (N)

AB Controls & Technology Ltd. (E)

ACN-Articulated Columns Norway A/S (N)

AEG-Telefunken (WG)

AGA Navigation Aids AB (SW)


Aalborg Vaerft Offshore (D)

Aeral N.V. (B)

Aerospatiale, Helicopter Div. (FR)

Afton Pumps Inc. (US)

Agusta S.p.A. (I)

Ahlsell Offshore (N)

A. Ahlstrom Osakeyhtio (Fl)


Aker Contracting A S (N)

Aker Elektro A S (N)

Aker Engineering A S (N)

Aker Norsco A S (N)

Aker Verdal A/S (N)

Alfsen Og Gunderson A S (N)

Peder Alhaug A S (N)

Alsthom Atlantique (FR)

American Embassy (WG)

Amlab AB (SW)

Amoco Norway Oil Co. (N)

Monrad Anderson Group (N)

Andersen & Odegaard A S (N)

Apram S.r.l. (I)

Arco Norway Inc. (N)

Arcticon (D)

Arrow Chemicals Ltd. (E)

Asea-Atom (SW)

Aspelin Stormbull A S (N)

Aspelin-Stormbull Maskin A.S. (N)


Ateliers et Chantiers de Bretagne (FR)

Ateliers de Construct! de Jambes SA (B)

Ingeniorforretningen Atlas A/S (N)

Atlas Copco A/S (N)

A S Atlas (D)

Autronica A S (N)

Arne Bo Pedersen & Sonner A/S (N)

B0LIDT Kunststoftoepassing B.V. (NE)

BP Petroleum Development Ltd. (N)

Bakelittfabrikken A S (N)

Bekaert N.V. (B)

Belgian Foreigh Trade Office (B)

Bell Helicopter Textron (US)

Bennex A/S (N)

A S Bergens Mekaniske Verksted (N)

Bergenske Services A/S (N)

Sigval Bergesen Group (N)

Bettles Ltd. (E)

Blohm + Voss AG (WG)

Blue Water Shipping A/S (D)

Bo Bygg Vedlikehold A/S (N)

Boeing Vertol Co. (US)

Bonney Forge (I)

Braathens S.A.F.E. A S (N)

Bredero Norwegian Contractors (N)

British Steel Corp. (E)

British Embassy (N)

British Marine Equipment Council (E)

British Overseas Trade Board (E)

British Shipbuilders (E)

John Brown Offshore (E)

Bruel & Kjer A/S (N)

C.F.E.M. (FR)

C.R.C. Chemicals Europe N.V. (B)


Camera Di Commercio Industria (I)

Cameron Iron Works (US)

Canadian Dept. of External Affairs (C)

Canadian Embassy (N)

Canocean Resources (UK) Ltd. (E)

Caseb A/S (N)

Chantiers de L'Atlantique (FR)

Chantiers du Nord et la Mediterranee (FR)

Chubb Fire Security Ltd. (E)

A/S Clausen, Kaldager & Co. (N)

Clemco Scandinavia (D)

Coast Center Base A/S (N)

J.S. Cock A/S (N)

Cockerill Mech. Ind. S.A. (B)

Coflexip (FR)

Computervision A/S (N)

Computervision (Europe) Inc. (E)

Conoco Norway Inc. (N)

Control Data A/S (D)

Cooperheat, Int'l Div. (E)

Thorleif Corneliussen A/S (N)

Cubic Western Data (US)

A/S Cylinderservice (N)


Dansk Elektro Instrument Fabrik A/S (D)

Dansk Hydraulisk Institut (D)

Danyko A/S (N)

Det norske Veritas (N)

Detronics Scandinavia ab (SW)

Dive Supply A/S (N)


Dresser Europe (E)

Du Pont de Nemours International SA (SZ)

Duesseldorfer Messe GmbH (WG)

Dunlop Ltd. (E)

E.T.P.M. (FR)



Eason Inc. (US)

Efa Elektro A/S (N)

Eiva A/S (D)

Electrolux-Euroclean (N)

A/S Elektrisk Bureau (N)

Elektro Union A/S (N)

Elektro Maskin (N)

Elf Aquitaine Norge A/S (N)

Keld Ellengsen & Sonn Teknisk A/S (N)

Elomatic Oy (Fl)

Esbjerg Erhvervskontor (D)

Esso Exploration & Production (N)

Euroconsult A/S (N)

ExploWeld AB (SW)

Export Promotion Danmark (D)

FAG Kugelfischer (WG)

FOA 3 (SW)

Fabricom N.V. (B)

Fabrique de fer de Chariot S.A. (B)

Fagersta-HAAK A/S/Sandvik Offshore (N)

Ferno Norden a.s. (N)

Ferrari E Figlio (I)

Ferros Consorzio Fergal-Rossetti (I)

Fine Tubes Ltd. (E)

Finnish Foreign Trade Assn. (Fl)

Flopetrol-Johnson-Schlumberger (N)

Gotaverken Arendal (SW)

GEC Electrical Projects Ltd. (E)

GEMEENTE's-Gravenhage (NE)

GKL Gummi A/S K. Lund & Co. (N)

GMC-Gruppen (N)

GPE Controls (US)

GS-Hydro Ky (Fl)

Gallus-Plesner Industri A/S (N)

Galperti & Figlio S.p.A. (I)

Gam Raccordi (I)

A/S Gentrade (N)

A/S Geoteam (N)

W. Giertsen A/S (N)

Jon Gjedebo (N)

Glamox A/S (N)

Graesdal & Korsvold A/S (N)

Graco Norge A/S (N)

Graenges Metalock (SW)

Gram Taeffefabrik A/S (D)

Gray Tool Norway A/S-Gray Tool Europe (E)

Gulf Publishing Co. (US)

Hoiness & Hoiness A/S (N)

HEEREMA Engineering Service B.V. (NE)

HOLLANDSE Constructie Groep B.V. (NE) (continued on page 22) 15,1984

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