ASMAR Completes Repairs To Chilean-Owned Frieghter

ASMAR, Chile's leading shipbuilder and repairer, recently completed repairs to the 14,160- grt Villarrica owned by Sociedad Naviera Ultragas S.A. of Chile. The vessel was dry-docked at the Talcahuano yard, where the 15-ton rudder was dismantled and repaired. This involved removing the complete rudder and rudderstocks to the workshops in order to check the misalignment.

After a thorough inspection, it was necessary to renew all 12 fastening bolts and rectify the adjusting faces of the rudder and rudderstock, which involved machining these pieces twice during the check-up stages. It was also necessary to check the conicity and ovalization of the fastening holes between these pieces, both in the workshop and afloat, which meant taking a portable lathe to the dock and installing it at a height of 10 meters so that the rectification could be carried out continuously for a period of 50 hours.

In addition, two 415-mm-diameter bushings had to be cast for the rudderstock, and the stock deflection had to be checked and corrected by machinging and polishing. The rudder blade assembly and ruddertocks were later put together and the alignment rechecked once it had been reassembled onboard the vessel.

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