New RAY-152 SSB Radiotelephone From Raytheon Provides Outstanding Long-Range Communication

The new RAY-152 SSB Radiotelephone from Raytheon Marine Company provides outstanding long-range communication over all 195 ITU marine channels, memory programming of up to 200 other operating frequencies, and scanning of up to 10 preprogrammed receiver channels, plus many convenient user features. This new 150-watt sing-sideband radiotelephone also offers marine telex interface capabilities for making hard-copy transmissions.

Designed for use with SITOR (Simplex Telex Over Radio) signal processing equipment, the RAY-152 can send and receive printed messages when used with an ARQ (Automatic Retransmission Request) modem to translate text to radio signals and vice versa. To send hardcopy messages, the operator types copy into a computer terminal and calls a high seas marine operator who will forward the message to the receiving station. The transmission can also be sent directly to the receiving telex station. While this system has been used by commercial mariners for years, it is becoming more and more popular with yachtsmen and anyone offshore who wants to stay in touch via printed transmissions.

The RAY-152 SSB can also be remotely controlled when used with the optional RS-232C interface. If, for example, you were equipped with a computer and printer, you could program the RAY-152 to receive printed weather broadcast re-, ports, unattended.

The RAY-152 SSB Radiotelephone is 14.6 inches wide by 5.1 inches high by 13 inches deep, and weighs 22.8 pounds. It is supplied with microphone, power cable, mounting hardware, and owner's manual.

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Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 46,  Oct 1988

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