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speed data transmissions.

The first is a radio/telex station that handles FEC or SITOR mes- sages in the ARQ mode; several of these stations have been installed and are in operation.

The second is a computer radio network station which permits com- puter-to-computer transmissions over Hull's HF/SSB radio link- said to be ideal for business commu- nications between boat and shore.

Either station's transmit power may be boosted by using Hull's soon-to- be-released 1 kw linear amplifier.


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ICOM America, Inc., headquar- tered in Bellevue, Wash., recently introduced the technologically ad- vanced commercial grade VHF ma- rine transceivers IC-M500 and IC-


The IC-M500 has been FCC type accepted for mandatory and com- pulsory radio-telephone usage for small passenger boats.

The IC-M500D's full duplex sys- tem allows one to talk and receive at the same time, like a cellular tele- phone. The IC-M500D comes stan- drad with an HS-50 telephone handset.

The result of extensive research and rigid testing, the versatile IC-

M500D meets all communications needs. Specially constructed with extensive moisture protection sys- tem, the IC-M500D is water-resis- tant, providing high reliability in moisture and saltwater air environ- ments.

The IC-M500D features: exten- sive new water-tight design; excel- lent receiver sensitivity and per- formance; six scanning systems in- cluding dual watch and tri-watch; 48 memory channels in three 16-chan- nel banks; 5-watt audio output, 10 watts with optional external speak- er; 30-watt two-way hailer/intercom system; manual 30-watt foghorn (300Hz tone); optional plug-in scrambler; full duplex system stan- dard on IC-M500D; all U.S. and international channels, plus expan- sion channels; and waterproof mi- crophone/waterproof gold-plated connectors.

The IC-M500D also receives po- lice, fire and land mobile frequen- cies. Additionally, the FCC-type ac- cepted IC-M500 is backed by a one- year warrantly and lifetime service policy.

Also available from ICOM is the

M500 digital voice scrambler for use with both the IC-M500 and IC-



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The latest products from Kelvin

Hughes, Ltd. of England, a subsid- iary of Smiths Industries, pic, are the new generation Concept radar systems, HR 2000 and HR 3000.

Concept radar systems from Kel- vin Hughes provide a unique and flexible approach to ergonomic bridge layout. The Concept HR se- ries has been developed to achieve total radar system integration in either existing vessels or bridge de- signs for the 1990s.

The high resolution monitor, key- board and processor of the Concept

HR radar can be situated remotely in any configuration—either bulk- head, deck console, deck head or desk-mounted, or can form one fully integrated unit in which the moni- tor angles can be adjusted to suit operator preference. Additional re- mote monochrome or color monitors can also be included in the Concept package.

Concept HR systems offer rela- tive motion, true motion, and ARPA facilities, combined with E-Plot II, an enhanced version of the unique

Kelvin Hughes electronic plotting program. Identical positioning of keyboard controls for these features throughout the range assists opera- tional confidence and familiarity.

On the Concept HR system, all ship data and status can be ideally zoned for instant assimilation.


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Koden International, Inc., Nor- "How to choose the right valve9

No vapor valve is perfect for every application. That's why

MMC gives you a choice of six.

This checklist provides you with the information you need to make the right decision between the two most widely used models.

FEATURE U-VALVE (Fitson existing ullage hatches)


Vaporless gauging Yes Yes

Hot work required for installation No Almost always

Easy installation by ship's crew Yes Sometimes

Ship removed from service No Almost always

Zero ullage available 8" above zero Yes

Sampling capability 1/2 liter 1/2 liter

Valve mechanism Check valve Ball valve (Positive shut off)

Standard material of manufacture Bronze Stainless steel

Maintenance requirements None None

Cost (approx.) of valve only 10" and larger $1,700 8" and smaller $1,400

Less than $600

Installation cost None Always

No matter which you choose, MMC is prepared to help you meet revised regulations pertaining to petroleum and chemical barges. Remember, the MMC name stands for more than 30 years of reliability; there's simply no substitute for that kind of proven performance.

MMC International Corp. 60 Inip Drive

Inwood, NY 11696-1096 U.S.A.

Phone: 800-645-7339 718-327-3430

Telex: 96-0140 MAMCAFINND

Fax: 516-371-3134

MMC (Europe) Ltd.

Milbum House, Dean St.



Phone: (091) 232-8339

Telex: 537005 MARINE G

Fax: 44-91-232-9216

MMC (Asia) Ltd. 2-20,4-Chome, Isobe-Dori

Chuo-ku, Kobe 651


Phone: 078-251-1033

Telex: 5624163 0PECK J

Fax: 078-252-0265 /t/lC

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