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Read this page in Pdf, Flash or Html5 edition of November 2013 Maritime Reporter Magazine 83Mecklenborg Sehrt HunterO?LoughlinBaird Snookeucts including diesel-powered genera-tors, pump packages, pressure washers and other equipment over the past 15 years under its Diesel America trade- mark. It is a distributor for most of the Gulf Coast and up the Mississippi River basin for Mitsubishi, Yanmar, Hatz and FPT diesel engines (horsepower from 5 to 3,000, liquid and air-cooled options for all types of applications).Roger Markwardt will head the new di-vision. Cargotec Buys Aker Mooring and Loading Systems BusinessAker Solutions agreed to sell its moor- ing and loading systems business to Car-gotec for $242m. The unit, known for the Pusnes brand name, provides mooring equipment, loading and ofß oading sys- tems, as well as deck machinery for the global offshore and shipping markets. Cargotec?s MacGregor Acquires HatlapaCargotec said that its MacGregor busi- ness has completed the acquisition of privately owned Hatlapa, a leading provider of merchant ship and offshore deck equipment. Cargotec announced the intention to acquire Hatlapa in July 2013 in a transaction valued at approxi-mately $215.5m. The acquisition further strengthens MacGregor?s line of winch products as well as expands the offering to include steering gear, compressors and deck handling equipment. Hatlapa will be integrated into MacGregor?s existing operating structure and its results will be consolidated into MacGregor?s Þ nancial Þ gures as of November 1, 2013. OceanSaver BWT Earns USCG and ISO Approval OceanSaver achieved a certiÞ cation double, with the news that its Mark II Ballast Water Treatment (BWT) system has achieved U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) approval, while the company itself has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certiÞ cation. Based in Drammen, Norway, OceanSav- er provides efÞ cient and reliable BWT systems for medium and large vessels, such as VLCCs, LNG Carriers and a va- riety of tankers and bulk carriers, among others.OxyClean Gets USCG Approval On October 11, 2013 DESMI Ocean Guard?s ballast water treatment system OxyClean was granted U.S. Coast Guard AMS acceptance. The AMS acceptance covers all salinities ranging from fresh-water to marine water. This is the Þ rst time the USCG has released an AMS acceptance that covers all salinities, as all previously released acceptances are valid in only marine and brackish water, and hence not valid in freshwater. Erma First BWTS Receives AMS Acceptance from USCG ERMA FIRST S.A. received the accep- tance letter from USCG, receiving its AMS Acceptance letter on October 11. The ERMA FIRST BWTS is compatible with global legislations and conventions, international requirements and restric-tions. AMS approval is one more reward and ascertainment that ERMA FIRST ERMA FIRST BWTS is an electrolytic system which incorporates an advanced separation stage based on hydrocy-clones. The separation stage of the system is a unique method of stable operation, achieving extreme sediment removal, while warranties no clogging risk. Its ex-cellent design offers to the user minimal maintenance costs since it is consisted of no moving parts and thus requires no spare parts. The system has been de- signed to offer low energy consumption in order to reduce environmental impact. It has been carefully formed for easy in-stallment. Canada?s Most Powerful Tug Built With ShipConstructor As a 100 metric-ton bollard pull ice class tug, the OCEAN Tundra is reportedly the most powerful harbor tugboat to ever be built in Canada. SSI?s ShipConstruc- tor CAD/CAM application was used to construct this vessel, as SSI client Rob-ert Allan Ltd. produced the design and SSI?s dealer, Navware, and the associ- ated marine engineering Þ rm, Navtech, worked with OCEAN Industries during the production design and engineering of the tugboat.The project was so successful that OCEAN Industries decided to standard-ize on using ShipConstructor for future projects. In particular, Ocean Industries was impressed with how ShipConstruc-tor is a specialized shipbuilding ap-plication with productivity enhancing features for facilitating engineering and construction. The software?s advantages regarding 3D modeling, piping, electri-cal cables and ventilation were noted. Also, Ocean Industries appreciated ShipConstructor?s capabilities for the automatic generation of manufacturing bills of materials, the ability to automati-cally number parts for cutting and as-sembly, and the ability to create a build strategy for the construction of the ship. OCEAN Industries found that these fea-tures really paid off in terms of increased productivity in the shipyard.Aker Arctic, Navis Sign DPS for Ice Ops DealAker Arctic Technology and Navis En- InterManager Welcomes Hollywood Focus on Seafarers As the new Hollywood movie Cap-tain Phillips premiered globally, In- terManager welcomed the focus the movie brings to the role of the sea-farer. Captain Phillips, which stars Tom Hanks in the title role, retells the story of the kidnapping by Somali pirates of the U.S.-ß agged container- ship Maersk Alabama. InterManager, the international trade association which represents the world?s ship and crew managers, says the movie?s worldwide appeal will raise the pro-Þ le of seafaring and help broaden understanding of what a life at sea is like. Secretary General Kuba Szy-manski said, ?Seafarers are a hard-working and brave group of people who risk their lives ensuring goods are transported around the world. I am heartened to hear high-proÞ le people like Tom Hanks explaining how this movie has helped them to better understand the importance of shipping and seafaring.?Secretary General Kuba Szymanski MR #11 (82-89).indd 83MR #11 (82-89).indd 8311/11/2013 1:40:32 PM11/11/2013 1:40:32 PM

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