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A Complex Market going ships to the luxury yacht cruise sector to the

The global maritime industry continues to be one inland river cruising sector. A common denominator that endures hard economic cycles in both directions, among all is the need to provide strong connectivity rarely ? oating at equilibrium maintaining balance be- for the cruising public, provide same or close speed tween supply of ships and demand for cargos. “If you and access to land-based connections. “The sky is the think about the shipping market there certainly is a limit in cruise, as people are demanding connectivity need for consolidation, as scale brings bene? ts,” said when they are onboard, particularly passengers,” said

Olsen. In particular, some of the smaller players in- Olsen. “ They are used to having tremendous internet creasingly ? nd it dif? cult to keep up with regulatory access in their homes, and they expect the same when mandate, as well as technological advances that allow they come onboard. More importantly, I think some of bigger carriers to leverage ef? ciencies across a global the cruise lines are beginning to realize that the quality and diverst ? eet. of their internet connection is becoming a key com- “If you look at the drivers in the market, when we petitive element.” started it was crew welfare driving demand on con- Digging deeper, the connectivity issue onboard © REMBE | All rights reserved nectivity. Now it is more often operational ef? ciency cruise ships is potentially a big win in marketing for for the ship owner, but also service delivery to their the cruise lines, as customers post images and video

Consulting. Engineering. Products. Service.

clients,” said Olsen. “But on all three of those points online, sharing the good times with those on land and … from crew welfare to vessel ef? ciency to service providing the cruise lines with a tremendous market- to shipping clients … I don’t think any of them have ing channel at the same time.

come close to reaching their potential. So I think we are still in the beginning. Telecom is a constant evolu- Watch the Video tion, and will continue to change and adapt, and con- At Norshipping in Oslo Tore Morten Olsen, Presi- tinue to grow.” One sector that is particularly interest- dent Maritime, Marlink sat with Maritime Reporter TV ing for all of the communication sector is the global to discuss “Digitalization: A New Era in Connectivity”

Gallbergweg 21 | 59929 Brilon, Germany cruise industry, embarked on a historic growth spurt

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