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Looking at your maritime unit, Big Data is In your experience, what is the key to achiev-

As the maritime industry embraces the digi- having a transformational impact on global ing this result?

maritime. Please detail your offering.

The foundation for delivering this value tal revolution, companies like GateHouse are Big Data often leads to information over- lies in the design of a temporal-spatial database poised to prosper. GateHouse in developing ? ow if not thoughtfully and competently curat- structure and use of Geographic Information ed. However, when delivering the right informa-

System (GIS) database tools to facilitate data in- software solutions to support optimization, tion, at the right time, in a user-friendly format, tegration and information extraction to meet the

Big Data can deliver groundbreaking competi- needs of our clients. Tracking and storing vessel ? exibility and mission critical operations for tive advantages. Managing Big Data lies at the data for more than 200,000 targets per day and vehicle and vessel tracking, monitoring and heart of the GateHouse and a main value propo- fusing data from different sources, provides the sition includes the delivery of open and scalable basis for continual development of algorithms satellite communications. We caught up with solutions compliant with the newest standards to identify patterns in data and to provide the and built upon the latest technology. These solu- analytic results via standardized web services.

Michael Bondo Andersen, CEO and founder tions are cost effective and interoperable plat-

Through our advanced toolsets, we strive to of GateHouse, for insights on his strategy form-based, eliminating “silo-solutions” and deliver the required information to clients au- providing users with the appropriate informa- tomatically through standardized web services. moving the company forward.

tion to aid in fact-based decision making.

These data services can provide all the informa-

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