Aeroflex Isolator Offers Shock Protection For Sensitive Equipment

Aeroflex International, Plainview, N.Y., is offering a new, patented, wire rope arch isolator which reduces the complexity and cost of high performance isolation systems needed in critical industrial environments, where severe shock and vibratory forces may effect sensitive equipment such as electronics, instrumentation, etc.

The arch isolator provides nearly uniform spring constants along all three X, Y and Z axes. The arch isolator design consists of two groups of oppositely inclined, individual loop, arch-like, wire rope flexural elements that offer uniform stiffness along the three axes. The unit attenuates vibrations by damping from internal friction between the wire strands.

The all metallic isolators are available in standard sizes ranging from 1/16 to 1-1/2-inch wire rope and in stiffness ranges to meet most commercial and military applications. The temperature range of the arch isolator is -400 F to 700 F, and it is designed to be interchangeable with existing wire rope isolators. For free literature detailing the Aeroflex International wire rope isolators,

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