Free Color Brochure From Envirovac Describes Vacuum Sewage Systems

A free, eight-page color brochure titled "Envirovac Inc. E-Vac Vacuum Sewage Technology" is being offered by Envirovac Inc. of Rockford, 111.

The publication discusses and describes E-Vac systems for marine use, in airplanes, trains, and in commercial, recreation, industrial and municipal applications. The best type of E-Vac vacuum sewage system and its advantages for each purpose are discussed and the main features of each highlighted.

For example, the basic benefits of E-Vac systems for marine use include: low volume flush—two pints per flush; small diameter piping— 1V2-inch and 2-inch; vertical lift capability— flush upward to 16 feet; and piping independent of slope— increased installation flexibility. Other applications are similarly presented. The brochure points out that EVac vacuum sewage systems for marinas offer a sanitary and convenient means for boatowners and operators to empty their sewage holding tanks either automatically or semiautomatically. Sewage is transported from a boat's holding tank through the mains to the vacuum central module where it is then automatically pumped to a gravity sewer or treatment plant.

The publication contains a generous amount of striking photos that include vessels, airplanes, trains, marinas, etc., that are equipped with E-Vac systems.

For more information and a copy of the free, eight-page brochure from Envirovac,

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