Ceramic Coatings Approved By ABS For Diesel Engine Use

The American Bureau of Shipping issued a Certificate of Approval to Turbine Components Corporation of Branford, Connecticut, on June 17, 1987. A.B.S. has surveyed T.C.C.'s facility and reviewed the process, specifications, and quality assurance program for the application of a unique ceramic thermal barrier coating on various diesel engine components. The thermal barrier coating consists of a metallic bond coat and a ceramic top coat of yttria stabilized zirconia.

Tubrine Components Corporation was established in 1970 to provide gas turbine engine users with specialized repair and coating of turbine blades, vanes, and other components. Turbine Components Corporation was a pioneer in improving the maintenance of gas turbine components with ceramic coatings and holds F.A.A. license number 119-20. Now, Turbine Components Corporation has decided to offer this unique ceramic protection for diesel engine components.

Diesel engines coated with T.C.C.'s ceramic thermal barrier have demonstrated, during actual commercial operation, reduced fuel consumption, reduced ignition delay, and smoother, cleaner combustion. Turbine Components Corporation guarantees its ceramic coatings not to peel, flake, or come off during normal operation.

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