New Manual Details Tank Protection Against 5,000 Products

A detailed "tank coating manual" has been published by Sigma Coatings BV as a guide for shipbuilders, ship repairers, petrochemical and allied industries, painting contractors, and many others. The publication is one of the most comprehensive guides to cargo tank protection against the effects of more than 5,000 liquid chemical and petroleum products which need to be stored, shipped in bulk or as "parcels" in products tankers.

The problems, surface preparation and coating solutions, are shown in this newly issued Sigma Coatings manual and code of practice covering the requirements and precautions involved in such things as: tanks for crude oil and cargo/ballast; zinc-based and other epoxy primers for various paint systems; coal tar epoxy coatings for exceptional resistance to water and chemicals; zinc silicates; and much more. Guidance is given on drying times for various Sigma tank coating systems, primer considerations, film thicknesses, overcoating possibilities and intervals, fime required for curing, suitable ambient temperatures for applications, recommended methods of applying various coatings, pretreatment and other relevant information.

For a free copy of the manual and specific information in the tankcoating code of practice on protective tank coatings for special chemicals or products,

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