Marine Electric Moves To New Facilities; Divides Into Three Separate Firms

A series of recent moves has resulted in a number of significant changes in the Marine Electric organization, a leading manufacturer and supplier of the product lines of Galbraith Pilot Marine (temperature monitoring, salinity monitoring, audio equipment); CML-Macarr (power supplies, wide band power amplifiers); Wayne (custommade specialty transformers) and Marine Electric (motor rewinding and repair).

One significant change is that the company has moved its entire operation from its former Brooklyn, N.Y., location to more modern and spacious facilities at 50 Carol Street, P.O. Box 1135, Clifton, N.J. 07014- 1135.

A second major move was to divide the company into three separate and distinct firms—Marine Electric RPD, Inc., for all Mil-Spec products, salinity monitoring, temperature monitoring, power supplies, etc.; Clifton Power Group, for all commercial power supplies, audio systems, wide band power amplifiers, etc.; and Marine Electric Corporation, for motor repairs and rewinding.

For free literature detailing the product lines covered by the three companies,

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