Hull Electronics Announces New Linear Amplifiers

Hull Electronics Company, San Diego, Calif., recently announced their new family of linear amplifiers and matching power supplies. These broadband solid-state amplifiers are offered in three configurations: 1,000 watts PEP and CW; 1,000 watts PEP, 500 watts CW; 500 watts PRP and CW. The amplifiers can be linked to Hull's model 230 SSB (or an equivalent radio) via a radio/ amplifier interface unit. All combinations operate in the 1.6 to 30 MHz frequency range and may be used with Hull's antenna couplers or new broadband antennas.

The power supplies may be wired at the factory for either 115 or 230 VAC, with the exception of the power supply for 1,000 watts CW, which is only available for 230 VAC operation. If your location has 28 VDC, the amplifiers may be operated directly from that power source and the AC power supply may be eliminated. For further information and free literature from Hull Electronics,

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