Furuno Introduces New Shipboard Communications System

furuno introduces

Furuno recently announced the availability in the U.S. of the Steenhans line of rugged, commercial quality shipboard communications equipment, consisting of the System P-4200 battteryless telephone and the System PK Command Intercom. The P-4200 will provide reliable communications even if all other shipboard power fails. Up to 24 stations can be handled and a wide variety of surface mount, flush mount, desk type and portable stations are available. Operation is simple: turn the handle on the telephone set a few times for ringing signal and approximately five minutes of conversation. If more time is required, turn the handle again. The System PK provides reliable voice communications between the bridge and up to 40 individual locations aboard ship. Standard packages are 5,10, and 20 lines, and various types of substations are avail- able to meet almost any conditions: indoor/outdoor, high noise, or wet locations.

All Steenhans systems are constructed from the highest quality materials and will provide years of reliable service.

For complete information on Steenhans shipboard communications for vessels of all sizes,

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