N e w Gladding-Hearn-Built High-Speed Catamaran To Begin Boston/Martha's Vineyard Run

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The Vineyard Spray, a new 82-foot, 300-passenger, high-speed ferry built by Gladding- Hearn Shipbuilding, the Duclos Corp. of Somerset, Mass., is scheduled to be commissioned this summer by Bay State Cruises and put into service running daily round trips from Boston to Vineyard Haven in Martha's Vineyard.

The triple-deck aluminum vessel, which travels at 31 knots fully loaded, is powered by 1,740- hp diesel engines. To help dampen vibration from the engines, 80 rubber shock absorbers are mounted between the hulls and passenger cabins. The Australian-designed International Catamaran (INCAT) will have two enclosed lounges with upholstered seats, pay phones, and a bicycle rack on the upper deck. The entire trip will take about three hours.

The Vineyard Spray is reported to be one of the two fastest catamarans in North America. Gladding-Hearn president George Duclos said a similar boat runs a 75-mile trip between San Diego and the Catalina Islands on the West Coast at about 28 knots. Other INCATs are in use in Marin County, Vallejo and San Francisco, Calif., Alaska, Hong Kong and the English Channel.

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