Comsat Maritime Services Publishes Cruise Ship SatCom Brochure

Comsat Maritime Services recently announced the publication of its new brochure, "Cruise Calling" (SM). This valuable reference guide provides instructions on placing ship-to-shore and shore-to-ship satellite calls and includes a directory of telephone numbers for cruise ships worldwide.

Comsat Maritime Services recently conducted a national research study among travel agents and cruise travelers and found that most of those surveyed were not aware of the availability of satellite communications aboard ship. The survey also revealed that passengers perceive access to a telephone while on a cruise as a benefit.

Comsat's "Cruise Calling" brochure responds to this need for information about cruise communications by providing step-by-step instructions for placing private, high-quality satellite telephone calls to and from cruise ships.

For more information and free copies of the "Cruise Calling" brochure from Comsat Maritime Services,

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