Tokyo Marine Services Is Active Worldwide — Color Brochure Available

Tokyo Marine Services Ltd., operator of eight oceangoing tugs and four 400-foot, semi-submersible barges, announces a status report on four major projects now under way or recently completed. The 12,000-bhp tug Dahlia has the semi-submersible rig Penrod 74 under tow en route from the Philippines to the U.S. Gulf. Sailing at the end of December 1983, the rig is scheduled for delivery in April this year.

In another move, the J-deck module for Pecten (Shell) was constructed aboard the 14,700-dwt barge TMS-6 in Morgan City, La. The tug Kaiyo Maru then took the barge under tow from the Gulf en route to Duala, where installation of the central platform in the Mokoko and Abana fields off Cameroon took place in February.

Under contract to Brown & Root, TMS has delivered four barges with modules and other structures from NKK's Shimizu yard to the Sabah gas utilization project off Labuan Island, North Borneo. The barges were towed by the tugs Freejia, Shin-ei Maru, Kairyu Maru, and Tokuei Maru No. 28. Finally, the TMS tug Amaryllis and 400-foot barge TMS-5 loaded a deck cargo of nine harbor tugs built by Tsuneishi Shipbuilding in Japan for delivery to Buenes Aires. For more information on Tokyo Marine Services and a free 16- page, full-color brochure,

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