Paper On Drydock Designs Presented At San Diego Meeting

The San Diego Section of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers held its September meeting at Caesar's Mission Valley, San Diego, Calif. Hans A. Hofmann, sales manager for MacGregor - Comarain, Inc., presented an excellent paper entitled "Dry Docking — An Evolution.


New Design Cranes Installed On Navy's Auxiliary Drydocks

Vital to the nation's defense capability is the improvement of repair and maintenance procedures and the modernization of facilities. When the Naval Sea Systems Command called for improvement of the crane system on its medium auxiliary floating drydocks,

Sembawang Yard To Invest In Construction Of New Floating Dock

As part of an extensive expansion program, the Governmentowned Sembawang Shipyard in S i n g a p o r e recently began construction of a new floating dock. Scheduled for completion by mid- 1981, the floating dock will be the largest in the East,

Mechanical Problems, Late Deliveries Continue to Plague Industry

A stagnant economy, threat of overcapacity and canceled cruises due to repairs and late deliveries have conspired to slow the hyper-growth cruise industry has enjoyed for the past decade. Even last year's new Millennium, which hurst onto the cruise scene with its new gas turbine propulsion,

M a r i t i m e Overseas A w a r d s Contract To A i r f i l co Engineering

Airfilco Engineering, Inc. of New Orleans, La., has recently been awarded the contract to furnish four Airfilco Inert Gas Systems for the Maritime Overseas Corp. tankers under construction at National Steel and Shipbuilding Company in San Diego, Calif.

Sun Ship Forms New Estimating Department —Brawner Named Manager

Sun Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co., Chester, Pa. 19013, has formed a new department — New Construction Estimating, Budgeting & Cost Analysis — and appointed H. Peirce Brawner Jr. manager of the new department, reporting to the president. The new

NASSCO Expanding Facilities To Build 150,000-Ton Tankers

National Steel and Shipbuilding Company (NASSCO) has announced expansion of its shipbuilding facilities at San Diego, Calif. NASSCO is owned 50 percent each by Kaiser Industries Corporation and by Morrison-Knudsen Company and is under the management direction of Kaiser Industries Corporation.

Shipbuilders Council Elects New Board

At the Shipbuilders Council of America's 56th Annual Meeting, the following Board of Directors was elected to serve for a period of one year: Paul E. Atkinson, Sun Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co.; Bernard J. Bannan, Western Gear Corporation; William C.

Gonsoulin Industries New Mother Company For LeBeouf Towing

LeBeouf Bros. Towing Co., one of the better-known marine transportation companies operating on the Mississippi River and the Gulf Coast, has evolved into one of the fastest growing, diversified organizations in the marine industry. As a result of this growth,

Palmer Johnson Teams Up With Atlantic Dry Dock For SuperYacht Refit Facility

Palmer Johnson Savannah and Atlantic Dry Dock Corp. have entered into a joint effort via a letter of intent for the establishment of Palmer Johnson @ Atlantic (PJA) on the site of the 60- acre Atlantic Shipyard facility near Jacksonville, Fla.

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