Daewoo Employs Unique Floating Drydock And Ship Transfer System

employs drydock

A new floating drydock and innovative transfer system were commissioned recently in the Daewoo shipyard at Okpo, South Korea. The drydock, designed by U.K.-based A.P. Appledore, features four fixed towers which serve as wing walls, differing from the traditional concept with full-length wing walls.

The transfer system supplied by Hydranautics Hydraulic Systems, Goleta, Calif., also represents a new generation in shipyard design and operation by providing virtually unlimited flexibility, according to John Johnson, Hydranautics Director of Shipyard Systems.

Capable of moving ships or ship sections up to 6,000 metric tons, the Hydranautics system will be used to transfer ships or ship sections on or off the floating drydock. In the yard, vessels can be moved by the hydraulic system on fixed or portable beams.

Additional versatility has been provided by the Daewoo yard since the Hydranautics hydraulic system can accommodate movement of offshore structures and jack-ups as well as ships.

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