HUD Moves Head Office To Tsing Yi Island— Kowloon Yard Closed

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The headquarters office of Hongkong United D o c k y a r d s Ltd. (HUD) recently moved to Tsing Yi Island, where its new yard is now in full operation and where plans for the second phase of expansion have been made.

The recent drydocking of the passenger/cargo vessel Shanghai, owned by Xing Hai Company of Shanghai, was the last vessel to be repaired at the 115-year-old Kowloon Yard, and marked the end of an era at Hung Horn and a beginning of a new one for the company.

The resources of the company have now entered a new phase, for at Tsing Yi, HUD's drydock capacity is far greater than in the old graving docks that stood for so long at the Kowloon Yard. The addition of the 100,000-ton floating dock Chung Shan, along with the P a n a m a x - s i z e d dock Whampoa and the 25,000-ton Taikoo, puts HUD's facilities at Tsing Yi Island second to none in the region, says commercial manager Frank Mackinnon.

"The 92,000-dwt tanker Chaohu of Guangzhow Ocean Shipping Company, which was docked recently in the Chung Shan dock, is an indication of the type of vessels to be expected in the future," Mr. Mackinnon said.

Commenting on the Kowloon Yard closure, HUD managing director David Hall said: "Our historical links with the Kowloon Yard are very strong, and the closure will be a landmark in the history and development of HUD, but we are convinced that our major investment in the new yard at Tsing Yi will ensure the future growth of HUD and Hong Kong's ship repair industry."

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