Todd Names Schaefer Assistant General Manager Los Angeles Shipyard

Todd Shipyards Corporation, in a move to further strengthen its management at the Los Angeles Division, announced the appointment of Hans K. Schaefer as assistant general manager of that division. Mr. Schaefer was previously assistant general managerproduction of the Seattle Division.

Mr. Schaefer joined Todd in February 1968 as a member of the DX Project team, and on the completion of that project late in 1968, he was transferred to Todd Seattle as its outfitting superintendent of new construction. In 1969, he became chief engineer, Navy new construction projects. He became production manager in 1974, and in September 1975, he was promoted to assistant general manager-production, with responsibility for production, production planning services, and plant facilities.

Mr. Schaefer received his education in Germany and Canada in naval architecture and marine engineering, and his training and experience in shipyards in both countries as chief engineer, manager of new construction, and production manager.

Mr. Schaefer's background and experience are expected to be of particular importance in Todd's upcoming work on the guided missile frigate contracts for the U.S. Navy.

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