M i n i m i z i n g Ship O p e r a t i n g Cost Discussed At H a m p t o n Roads S N A ME

"Minimizing Ship Operating and Support Cost" was the topic at a recent meeting of the Hampton Roads Section of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. Samuel Judge of the Naval Sea Systems Command spoke to 87 members and guests at Fisherman's Wharf in Hampton, Va. Among the members present was L e s t er Rosenblatt, past national chairman of SNAME.

Mr. Judge is currently head of supportability engineering in the Hull Group of NAVSEA, with responsibility for ship administrative space design, storage and storeroom design, and whole ship logistics engineering. He has more than 20 years of experience in naval engineering. Previous NAVSEA assignments included branch head in the Survivability and Readiness Sub Group, and Ship Concept and Development Group.

The author discussed the need to reduce the life cycle cost (LCC) of a typical destroyer. The LCC is comprised of the acquisition cost and the operating and support (O&S) cost. Historically, attention has been focused on reducing acquisition; however, it will be difficult to achieve substantial future reductions without compromising performance. Future LCC reductions may be achieved by concentrating on the reduction of O&S cost.

Mr. Judge presented and discussed an examination of minimizing O&S cost with constraints on performance and ship readiness. A description of detailed cost drivers and technologies that can be used to achieve cost reduction were examined. Finally, a modification to the standard ship design team organization that would incorporate these technologies into a ship design was presented and discussed.

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