SNAME San Diego Section Discusses Heavy Lift Ship Design And Costs

sname san diego section discusses
heavy lift ship design and costs

The San Diego Section of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers opened its 1978- 79 program year by holding its September meeting at Caesar's Mission Valley, San Diego, Calif. Benjamin V. Andrews, maritime consultant, presented a comprehensive paper entitled "Heavy Lift Ship Design and Costs." The paper covered the types of ships capable of carrying heavy lift cargo, which is defined as (1) a single unit of cargo in excess of 100 tons weight, or (2) a single unit of cargo exceeding a length of 80 feet or a width exceeding 15 feet. The author next described a series of parametric ship designs and costs that included a range of ship and barge sizes for the three basic methods of heavy lift cargo handling, lift, roll and float. The paper concluded with the problems that Americanflag heavy lift vessels will have to overcome in order to be cost competitive.

The members and guests in attendance concluded the meeting with a question and discussion period.

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