SPT Ltd. Offers Free 14-Page Color Brochure On Sound Powered Phones

SPT Ltd., with full sales and services facilities in Houston, Texas, is offering a free full-color, 14-page brochure on their line of sound powered telephones and accessories for offshore, marine and land-based use.

The color publication provides a complete technical description of SPT sound powered telephones, which operate independently of power supply or batteries. The units are in fact, powered by the user's voice, making communication simple, low cost and maintenance free. The sound powered telephones meet fail-safe communications requirements, as well as isolated site, intrinsically safe and portable communications requirements.

Besides the section on the technical description of sound powered systems, the brochure contains sections on "Powerphone—the Amplified Sound Powered Telephone System," "Choice of System/Instrument," "Intrinsically Safe Systems," "Admiralty Patt. Sound Powered Telephone Systems," "Telephone Types," and "Accessories." Each section is filled with drawings and photographs, fully illustrating the SPT line of sound powered telephones and accessories. As a special feature, the SPT Ltd. publication includes a colorful chart called, "Product Classifications and Specifications Guide." For a free copy of this brochure,

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