Benson Named Manager Of Peterson's Hazardous Materials Division

benson named manager
of petersons hazardous
materials division

Courtney A. Benson, former manager of Peterson Maritime Services, Inc. in Houston, has been appointed manager of the company's newly organized Hazardous Materials Division in New Orleans. William L.

Thomas, assistant to Mr. Benson, has been named to succeed him as manager of the company's Houston office. Both announcements were made by Harold J. Pecunia, president of Peterson Maritime Services, Inc., in New Orleans. Before joining Peterson, Mr. Benson served with the United States Coast Guard's Gulf Strike Team, National Strike Force, and as Coast Guard Captain of the Ports of New Orleans and Honolulu.

Peterson Maritime Services has offices in New Orleans, Houston, and Mobile. Other divisions of the company include ship and barge cleaning, aviation, oil pollution, and sales and marketing. Most recently, Peterson Maritime s u c c e s s f u l l y handled the world's largest waterborne pentachlorophenol spill in the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet between New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico.

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