M A N B & W Diesel To Power Chandris Luxury Cruise Liner Being Built By M e y e r W e r ft

ā€” L i t e r a t u r e A v a i l a b l eā€” MAN B&W Diesel GmbH, Augsburg, West Germany, recently achieved a considerable sales success when its L40/54 four-stroke diesel engines were selected to power the new Chandris Cruise Line's cruise ship,


Cruise Shipping Annual The New "Class" of Celebrity's Class

It could be clubbed "the new classic." The idea of creating a comfortable passenger vessel encompassing old world classic decor ā€” as per the famed ocean liners of the early 20th Century - while instilling modern safety and mechanical requirements, as well as sophisticated amenities.

Old Cruise Ships: Save 'em or Scrap 'em?

It was a Memorial Day Weekend tragedy onboard the famed 50-year old S.S. Norway, when an explosion rocked 2,000 passengers from their bunks, an accident which killed eight and injured 22. While thoughts immediately turned to terrorism, reports indicate

Cunard Line To Spend $130 Million To Overhaul The Queen Elizabeth 2

Approximately $130 million will be spent by the Cunard Line Ltd. to refurbish and re-engine the Queen Elizabeth 2, an amount many companies pay for a new vessel. After replacing the steam turbines with nine diesel engines, the vessel will still be capable of traveling at speeds of up to 32.

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