D r e w AMERGIZE® Tested And Chosen For All Ships In Major Fleet

Drew Ameroid Marine, Boonton, N.J. recently reported that a major shipping company concluded a sixmonth evaluation of Drew Ameroid Marine's AMERGIZE™ deposit modifier/combustion improver aboard one of their motor vessels with positive results. As a result of the evaluation, they have decided to utilize AMERGIZE® on all ships in their fleet on a regular basis. The motor vessel was powered by a single Pielstick engine, Model 12PC 2-2V. The fuel normally used has a viscosity specification of 120 est at 50°C.

Prior to the use of AMERGIZE, mechanical cleaning of the valves and valve cages was required to remove hard deposits. During the course of the evaluation, valves were removed on a scheduled basis in order to inspect the amount of deposits on the valves and valve cages.

They report that while utilizing AMERGIZE they found only a light coating, which was easily removed. After a full operational cycle, there was a definite improvement in the physical appearance of the valves and a savings in the amount of work needed to clean them.

For additional information about AMERGIZE and this trial, C i r c l e 3 3 o n R e a d e r S e r v i c e C a rd

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