Chevron Orders Two 3 5 , 0 0 0 - D W T Product Tankers From Mitsubishi

Two new, diesel-powered, 35,- 000-deadweight-ton product tankers have been ordered by Chevron Transport Corporation, San Francisco, Calif., a subsidiary of Standard Oil Company of California, f o r service in the company's international trades. The vessels, which will be built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in its yard at Kobe, Japan, are scheduled for delivery in September and December 1981.

These product carriers will meet the safety and environmental requirements of the U.S. Port and Tanker Safety Act of 1978, as well as those of various conventions which have been adopted by the Inter-Governmental Maritime Consultative Organizations (IMCO), the maritime agency of the United Nations. T h e y will be equipped with protectively located segregated ballast tanks and inert gas systems.

The addition of this new tonnage to the company's fleet will serve to replace older product tankers in this size range which the company has scrapped over the last five years.

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