Cummins Introduces V T A 2 8 - M, 6 7 5 - B H P M a r i n e D i e s el

Free Literature A v a i l a b le Cummins Engine Company has announced the availability of their VTA28-M diesel engine for a wide variety of marine applications. Rated 675 bhp at 1,800 rpm, the powerful, compact VTA28-M is ideally suited for continuous duty marine applications, from tugboats and towboats to trawlers and draggers. The VTA28-M (28 liters) produces 55 bhp more than the former Cummins 1710 CID, V-12 engine, a tried and proven marine industry standard.

Applying the latest technology in advanced turbocharging and design process, Cummins developed the higher output while actually improving brake specific fuel consumption. In increasing the bhp from 620 to 675, the increase in total fuel consumption was held to less than one gallon-per-hour and the BSFC was reduced by 10 points. At this power rating, the VTA28- M is lighter in weight and more compact than many comparable competitive marine diesels. In addition to the lighter weight-to-horsepower ratio, this also means there is more walk-around room in the engine compartment for ease of maintenance and service.

The new VTA28-M marine diesel is available through Cummins extensive marine distributor and deal- er network. For free brochures containing photos, drawings and full specifications on the VTA28-M and the complete line of Cummins marine engines, C i r c l e 6 on R e a d e r S e r v i c e C a rd

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