Curtis Bay Towing Changes Name

Thomas E. Moran, chairman of Moran Towing Corporation, recently announced that Curtis Bay Towing Company, the 78-year-old marine transportation company, will change its name at its three ports of operation to Moran Towing of Maryland, Inc., Moran Towing of Pennsylvania, Inc., and Moran Towing of Virginia, Inc., respectively, effective July 1, 1988.

In making the announcement, Mr. Moran said: "Curtis Bay Towing has, in fact, been an affiliate of Moran Towing Corporation (Greenwich, Conn.) since 1958. No personnel, operational, or policy changes will be made in connection with the name change." Thus, the blue diamond which has identified the Curtis Bay tugs in the ports of Philadelphia, Baltimore and Hampton Roads will be replaced with the white "M" which identifies Moran tugboats all over the world and principally in the ports of Portsmouth, N.H., Portland, Maine, New York, N.Y., Jacksonville, Fla., and Port Arthur, Texas.

Moran Towing Corporation is one of the foremost tug operators on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts.

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