Conrad Industries Delivers 650-Ton-Capacity Drydock To French West Indies

A drydock built by Conrad Industries, Inc. of Morgan City, La., has arrived for service in Pointe-APitre, Guadeloupe, French West Indies. Chief executive officer J.

Parker Conrad said the 650-toncapacity structure contracted by Naval Drydock Guadeloupe will be used to drydock and repair both pleasure and cargo vessels.

With an inside clearance of 42 feet and wingwalls of 14 feet, the vessel measures 90 by 50 feet with a hull depth of 7 feet.

In addition to its expanding international market, Conrad Industries is experiencing a viable increase in its domestic market base. In for repairs and offseason maintenance recently was a Morgan City-based fleet of menhaden boats that work the Gulf.

New vessel deliveries recently include a barge measuring 135 by 55 feet with a hull depth of 8 feet. Conrad completed mud conversion and reconditioning on two supply vessels recently. The vessels are now contracted for work in offshore drilling and exploration in the Gulf of Mexico.

Another recent delivery was a 900-ton-capacity floating drydock measuring 120 by 52 by 7 feet with 15 by 3-foot wingwalls.

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