Mitsubishi's High-Speed Passenger Boat Promises New Era In Smooth Sailing

mitsubishis smooth

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) of Japan has developed a "dream ship" with pitchand roll-free cabins mounted on hydraulic controlled shock absorbers.

The 48 V2 -foot-long, 17-gross-ton catamaran, which is the first Hi-Stable Cabin Craft (HSCC) high-speed ship, is made of fiber reinforced plastics, has a passenger capacity of 12, and will be used for cruising on the Inland Sea around Mihara Port. The vessel, the Ukishiro, was built at MHI's Shimonoseki Shipyard & Engine Works and will be delivered to Higashi Chugoku Ryoju Kosan.

The cabins remain stable even in rough seas, allowing passengers to enjoy a comfortable cruise without fear of seasickness. A computer detects pitch and roll and dampens them by adjusting hydraulic cylinders, keeping the cabins level. The impact of motion is also absorbed by the shock-absorbing system.

In additon to high-speed vessels, the Hi-Stable Cabin Craft technology can be applied to infirmary cabins on large passenger ships, and precision laboratories and helicopter pads of research vessels.

MHI has completed a tentative design for a larger version of the ship for tourism and leisure purposes for marketing in the Inland Sea area. For additional information and free literature from MHI,

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