Bender Monitoring Systems Prevent Ground Faults —Literature Available

Bender Incorporated of Paoli, Penn., makes a series of insulation monitors, residual current devices and ground fault location systems that can predict the presence of a ground fault without system shutdown. Insulation monitors operate on ungrounded, AC 1PH/3PH systems, pure DC systems and AC networks with large DC components, all the way up to 10,000 V. These units send out a DC measuring voltage over the system and will alarm when the insulation value declines below the present level. The residual current devices function on all types of systems. They measure for current imbalance and are sensitive enough to detect leakages as low as 10 mA. All units are available with metered output, adjustable alarm settings and adjustable time delays.

Bender also offers a complete ground fault detection system. This is the best solution for large, complex systems. The system combines an insulation monitor and ground fault location units in a 19-inch rack frame. It looks at every circuit once the monitor alarms and then indicates the circuit on which the fault has occurred.

Bender makes over 1,100 different units to suit many voltages, housings and applications. Insulation monitoring provides an ideal, cost-effective way to safeguard both people and equipment from electrical hazards.

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