Nichols Brothers Awarded Schooner Hull Contract From Marimed

David Higgins, executive director of the Marimed (maritime medicine) Foundation in Honolulu, has announced the signing of the initial contract for the construction of a 150-foot, three-masted topsail schooner. The vessel will be outfilled with medical equipment and will be used to provide primary health care and health education services in the Marshall Islands, 2,500 miles southwest of Hawaii. Nichols Brothers Boat Builders in Whidbey Island, Wash., has been awarded a $661,500 contract for the steel and aluminum fabrication work on the 280-grt vessel. This will include materials and labor for complete fabrication of the hull, rudder assembly, engine beds, ladders and coamings, tie-up cleats, zinc pads, watertight manholes, primer and one coat of anti-fouling below the waterline, engineering, and launching. Construction is already underway, and delivery of the bare hull has been scheduled for January 1987. Marimed and Nichols are currently negotiating a follow-on contract covering the installation of machinery and engineering systems. The outfitting, rigging, and installation of medical facilities will begin in February next year in Seattle under the supervision of Seattle boatbuilder John Guzzwell, the first Englishman to sail alone around the world. He recently supervised the construction of a 130- foot sailing vessel in Brazil.

The Marimed Foundation vessel will be registered in the U.S. and homeported in Honolulu. She has been ruled a cargo vessel by the U.S. Coast Guard, and will be built to the requirements of Subchapter I of USCG Regulations and classed by the American Bureau of Shipping. The schooner will be named Tole Mour by the Marshallese people, which means "gift of life and health" in their language. She was designed by Capt. Ted Ewbank, president of Ewbank, Brooke and Associates of Auckland, New Zealand. "We are especially proud to have this international health service and training vessel built in America," Mr. Higgins said, "and we know that she will become a symbol of hope and better health for people in the Marshall Islands." For free literature describing the services and facilities of Nichols Brothers Boat Builders,

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