Non-Ferrous Offers Free Literature On Full Range Of Fasteners

Non-Ferrous Bolt & Mfg. Co., Las Vegas, Nev., specializes in producing standard and non-standard fasteners in high temperature and corrosion- resistant metals. The company is offering free literature on its full range of fasteners.

Non-Ferrous produces hex heads, nuts, sockets, carriage bolts, T-head bolts, square heads, penta heads, special studs, eyebolts, pipe plugs and many more styles from over 100 grades of stainless steel and exotic metals. In addition to standard head styles, they can produce "per print" items from some of the nation's most creative engineers. Because of its extensive tool and die department and raw material inventory, Non-Ferrous is able to provide very fast deliveries. These capabilities along with extensive research and development facilities enable Non- Ferrous to offer high quality, reliable service.

The firm has supplied fasteners for applications in the petroleum and chemical inustries; shipbuilding and repair industries; pulp and paper industries; and the food processing industry. Non-Ferrous has supplied fasteners for such applications as heat exchangers, condensors and separators, evaporators, filters, oil and water separators, sanitation devices, water purification systems, deck equipment and dredging equipment.

For free literature detailing the full line of fasteners offered by Non- Ferrous,

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