Port Of Portland Dedicates $46-Million Terminal 2 Rehabilitation Project

The Port of Portland recently dedicated its $46-million Terminal 2 rehabilitation project as Oregon's State Treasurer Tony Meeker declared the project was "good news for every Oregonian." The rehabilitation project has transformed Terminal 2 into a modern general and breakbulk cargo terminal. The multipurpose facility provides the Port of Portland with the flexibility to handle most types of vessels: containers, roll-on /rolloff, pass/pass, and breakbulk ships and barges.

The new construction is complete except for the one warehouse and an 85-ton-lift-capacity crane that will arrive in the fall of 1988 from South Korea, where it is being constructed by Hyundai Heavy Industries.

There were several contractors on the project, including Riedel International of Portland, and General Construction, Seattle, that worked in a joint venture on the berths, demolition, and dredging; Clearwater Construction, Portland, which handled the 18 acres of storage yard; Lorentz Brunn, Portland, administration building and entry gate; Grady Harper and Carlson, Portland, large warehouse and maintenance shed; Colamette Construction, Portland, small warehouse; and Pacific Crest Construction, Portland, dock office.

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