V o i g t Shipping Reorganizes —Elects Nick G. Koutroulis President Of Renamed Firm

F.A. Voigt & Company B.V. of Rotterdam has purchased all outstanding shares of Houston-based F.A. Voigt shipping Company, and has reorganized and renamed the firm Voigt & Koutroulis Shipping Company. The changes were announced by Voigt chairman of the board Wieger J. de Ruiter.

Nick G. Koutroulis, formerly executive vice president of F.A. Voigt Shipping Company, has been elected president of Voigt & Koutroulis and will be a minority shareholder of the new company. For the past three years, he has been in charge of Voigt's overall shipping operations in the U.S. Voigt & Koutroulis will establish its principal office in Houston, with several additional offices planned.

Voigt & Koutroulis Shipping Company will specialize in liner agency services, along with chartering, ship brokering, and husbanding. East Asiatic Limited-Trans Pacific Service, Frota Amazonica, Frota Oceanica, Sudan Lines, South Seas Steamship Lines, and a number of bulker and tramp services are represented by Voigt & Koutroulis. Negotiations are underway for additional liner services.

Voigt & Koutroulis Shipping Company is headquartered at 2190 North Loop West, Suite 103, Houston, Texas 77018, telephone (713) 957-3445; telex number is 794234.

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